The Milk Moustache’s dumpling queen, Georgia Martin, ate her way through the hugely popular Night Noodle Markets. Here’s how it all went down.

The noodle markets, as part of Sydney’s ‘Crave’ International Food Festival, served up an incredible feast, turning Sydneysiders into noodle munching machines.

The markets showcased an array of Sydney’s favourite
and best Asian restaurants,
allowing them to set up street-style stalls in a bid to recreate an authentic Asian market experience.

The festival provided an oriental escape in the middle of Sydney’s bustling city. Hyde park was transformed into a mass of lanterns, Chinese dragons, and lights. The aroma of chilli, soy, and coriander, created the perfect enticement to the various options available.

The cold front that had moved into Sydney didn’t deter the crowds. The allure of alfresco eating couldn’t be resisted by most, and the park was packed with people and their picnic blankets.

Many were still in their work attire of suits and stilettos. However, the atmosphere was relaxed and the chitchat of hundreds created an amazing buzz.

The prawn dumplings from East Ocean were fantastic, fresh, and flavoursome, and the crunch of snow peas made them super special. Although I wanted more after lining up for over twenty minutes for my first serving, it was a short-lived love affair.

My next choice was obvious, as you can’t attend a ‘noodle’ market and not gorge on a plate of long, thin, spicy noodles. I went to Mamak for my Malaysian style noodle feast. They were perfect. It was one of those magical moments when you get exactly what you needed, in terms of quantity and quality. Fresh, no-fuss wok-fried noodles that had hints of soy, tender pieces of pork, and bold spicy flavors.

My overall experience was pleasant and the food was delectable. I was at first unconvinced by the crowds of people and the lines, but I had to put into consideration that it was an event for all, and a taste of how vibrant our city can be.

The street stall set up, although very organised and systematic, was a fresh way to experience eating. Our city, unlike most around the world, lacks a certain selection of street food, so it’s great to see events like this.

If you missed the noodle markets, you can still visit all the restaurants that were featured at various locations around the city. Or for a similar experience, check out The Rocks Moonlight markets, which will be on every Friday from 5:30pm throughout the whole month of November.


One Response to “OODLES OF NOODLES”

  1. anna priestley November 11, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    george this is amazing, your so clever! xx

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