The Milk Moustache’s Lauren Fitzpatrick checked out The Stuffed Beaver, a new sports bar and American-style diner in the heart of Bondi, capturing the attention of foreign visitors and locals alike.

Positioned along the bustling strip that’s Bondi Road, The Stuffed Beaver is the newest addition to Bondi’s hipster watering holes. Perfect for sweaty locals and Americans yearning for a piece of home, the “Beaver” taps into the American diner craze sweeping Sydney’s bar scene. The maître d’s are covered in tattoos and ooze charm and good looks, regularly checking up on you throughout the night, and the barmen aren’t sure whether to serve or pull up a chair beside you. It’s this laid-back approach that has allowed the Beaver to differentiate itself from its slightly swankier neighbours up and down the street. The sign on entry lays down the standards: ‘No Ed Hardy, high heels, ugg boots, credit, drunk backpackers, ties, popped collars, tossers, lawn bowling, Snooki, gluten free, mono brow, shaved chests, Amex, pashing in the bar, Hannah Montana, and no douchebags.’ The vibe is chilled out Bondi at its best, unpretentious and easygoing. But if the latest, hip hangouts aren’t your cup-of-tea, the Beaver isn’t for you.

The walls are adorned with images of classic American dining culture, and you feel as if you’ve walked into the lounge room of a taxidermist in the states’ deep south. Peanuts sit on the bar top. Customers up for the challenge munch their way through the nuts and throw their shells into a cup at the back of the bar. If successful, tequila’s on the house! Amongst all this, the Beaver operates as a sports bar, with flat screen televisions covering everything from LeBron slamming home a dunk, to the much-loved lingerie football league.

With 80s belters like ‘Eye of the tiger’, ‘Love shack’, and ‘Love is a battlefield’ playing in the background, take a seat at one of the booths, or hoist yourself onto a stool at the bar and chat to the bartenders and chef. The booths are filled with groups of mates or young couples in their beach gear, keen for a bite to eat and some quiet drinks.

Don’t expect an elaborate wine list or fancy cocktails. Think Melbourne Bitter longnecks ($10.99) and stubbies of Little Creatures ($7.99). There’s only one choice when it comes to red and white wine ($9/$40), and a couple of classic cocktails. The beaver iced tea ($17.49) is simple, yet perfectly refreshing. But at the Beaver, ‘you must eat to drink’. The menu is an all-American feast with tacos, burgers, nachos and hotdogs. But as the sign suggests, this is not a ‘create your own burger’ type of place. The sanchez ($16.80) was a well-cooked beef patty smothered in sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and jalepenos, with an ideal touch of spice. Chunky fries are an extra at $7.95, which makes for an expensive hamburger by any standards. The Tuesday night half-price taco special ($2.50) is definitely something to take advantage of, with the chicken taco being a standout.

With the meals presented on green and white-checkered paper in baskets, the Beaver is the perfect chilled comfort meal, as long as you’re not looking for nutritional value.

The Stuffed Beaver
Address: 271 Bondi Road, Bondi
Phone: (02) 9130 3002
Head chef: Sean Skinn
Food style: American diner
Go for: Sanchez burger
Price: Bottled Beer $7-$11; Cocktails $15-$18; Wine (by the glass) $8-$12; Food $8-$17
Open: Monday-Friday 4pm-midnight; Saturday 12pm-midnight; Sunday 10am-10pm
Cards: All except Amex
Licensed/BYO: Fully licensed
Overall: 4/5


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